I hate seeing the hurt in everyone’s eyes, I miss you so much right now buddy. :(

Why do people have to get so vicious and say things that literally kill me inside.. I love him so much and you’re acting like I didn’t even know him.


Just a reminder, the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls have not returned.  Don’t forget them.

I can’t get the image of your glossed over bright blue eyes out of my mind..

This is the only remotely nice picture I have of us, I love you so much Cyle. You were the best, and only big brother I had. It was definitely not your time to leave us, you were always there for me to talk to, or if I needed anything you’d buy it for me. You took me to the arcade, and took me on rides. We always had our Sunday Funday morning breakfasts followed by a movie. I love you so much, I don’t know what I’m going to do now. But don’t worry, I’ll keep my sister/you’re girlfriend safe, and I’ll make sure you’re baby knows who his father is. Rest in peace, you deserve it. Once again, I love you.

You could have eyes dark enough too see your soul, but once you die their as blue as the sky.

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