I love how you don’t fight with me about what you/I said, you just say sorry for the misunderstanding. Gahh that’s so perfect

It’s funny how saying you love me millions can make my stomach stop feeling like I’ve been punched a thousand times.

I’ve gotta learn that if I feel uncomfortable with someone that’s going on to just say something, or ask about it.

You ever just stop and think hmm, my moms the biggest bitch I’ve ever met? Me, daily.

I wish I had brothers so I wouldn’t have to worry about this shit.

I love it when you call me the perfect woman. But my stomach feels like it’s gonna explode

I love you so much, you always remind me of the positives when I feel like I have nothing left. I never want to lose you.

Why does my life seem like such shit. I just want to move somewhere else..

I just feel like I’m sinking..

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